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2395 York Road #15, Suite 200
Jamison, PA 18929


GastroMIND is a comprehensive network of gastroenterology experts and trusted business partners. We are organized with the purpose of consolidating the strategic thinking, analytical rigor and creativity of the pharmaceutical industry’s most gastro-centric professionals. Our primary goal is to help our clients add value to their assets. We enable better business decisions.

Key Message Development

Are you directing your message to the right people? GastroMIND works with you to identify your target audience. We can help you develop a target product profile so the message you want reaches the scientific and corporate communities.

Development of both a target product profile (TPP) and an aspirational label incorporates the desires of the marketplace, unmet needs analysis and both current and future competitive environments to guide key message development. Key messages drive clinical development plans to maximize the value of your assets.

Key messages should be integrated across scientific communications, corporate communications, and Investor Relations activity.

Optimized key messages will enhance the perception of a product toward an ideal as expressed by the target audience.


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